Industrial Heaters

Industrial Heaters

ICSE has numerous boiler projects including experimental and simulation studies on flame stability, heat flux, burner design, cofiring with biomass, corrosion, air emissions, and oxyfiring. We offer unique simulation capabilities, in particular a Large Eddy Simulation (LES) code, which is being applied to laboratory- through industrial-scale boilers. With LES, a wide range of physical scales in the boiler can be simulated, which increases the fidelity of the resolved model while reducing the dependency on subgrid modeling. Our industrial-style combustion facilities have two large laboratory-scale boilers, one 100 kW and one 1500 kW. These are outfitted with numerous ports that provide access for advanced optical diagnostics, corrosion probes, measurements of heat flux and temperature, and equipment to characterize deposits, soot, and air emissions.


Eric Eddings

Experimental measurement in large-scale boilers


Jost Wendt

Emissions reduction


Philip Smith

LES, boiler simulation


Jeremy Thornock

LES, boiler simulation


Jennifer Spinti

Boiler simulation, NOx


Michal Hradisky

Boiler simulation


Benjamin Isaac

Industrial coal simulations

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The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.