Research Cores at the Institute for Clean and Secure Energy



Advanced Power Generation

The focus of this research is to accelerate the deployment of low cost, low CO2 emission power generation technologies.


Biomass & Opportunity Fuels

This research focuses on the thermochemical conversion of renewable and fossil fuels via gasification and chemical looping combustion.


Environmental Impacts

The development of any energy resource has environmental impacts. This research explores impacts associated with the fossil fuel development and combustion.


Fires & Flares

Industrial flare simulation can provide important information on combustion efficiency, pollutant emissions, and operational parameter sensitivities for design or operation that cannot be measured. This research focuses on flare simulations that may help design or operate flares so as to reduce or eliminate harmful pollutants and increase combustion efficiency.


Industrial Heaters

ICSE has numerous boiler projects including experimental and simulation studies on flame stability, burner design, cofiring with biomass, corrosion, air emissions, and oxyfiring.


Model & Software Development

The overarching goal of these development efforts is to enable the rapid development of robust tools for large-scale, parallel simulation science and provide scalable visualization capability for large-scale datasets.



Unconventional Fuels

Unconventional fuels include liquid and gaseous fuels obtained from coal, oil shale and oil sands. The goal of the ICSE research program is to pursue research that improves industry’s ability to utilize the vast energy stored in domestic coal, oil shale and oil sands resources in a manner that minimizes environmental impact from production.



Validation & Uncertainty Quantification

Given the availability of software and hardware tools for simulating complex systems, users of these predictive tools are left wondering about the accuracy of the output from the simulation. Our Validation/Uncertainty Quantification (VUQ) methodology draws on prior information and exploits a consistency requirement on the available experimental data sets and the simulations of these sets to quantify the uncertainty and to produce predictivity.


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The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.