Oxycoal Combustion

Oxycoal Combustion

The oxy-fuel research area focuses on clean coal utilization for power generation retrofit through oxy-coal combustion and clean oil shale & oil sands utilization with efficient CO2 capture. The ultimate objectives of this research area are to produce (1) predictive capability with quantified uncertainty bounds for pilot-scale, single-burner, oxy-coal operation (forming the basis for application to full-scale, industrial burner operations), (2) the research and simulation tools needed to provide efficient CO2 capture for process equipment for production, upgrading, and refining of oil shale and oil sands, and (3) predictive capability with quantified uncertainty bounds for a pilot-scale, oxy-gas process heater using flameless technologies. Given that that carbon capture and storage has yet to receive public acceptance, numerous environmental, legal and policy issues need to be addressed if these technologies are to be applied. Thus this research area also addresses the legal and policy issues associated with carbon management strategies in order to assess the appropriate role of these technologies in our evolving national energy portfolio.

Projects within this research area include:


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The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.