Optical Diagnostics

Optical Diagnostics

The Institute’s capabilities include: particle imaging velocimetry, particle tracking velocimetry,particle shadow velocimetry, optical flow velocimetry, in-situ particle sizing, high-speed imaging (upto 200k FPS), high-speed IR imaging (up to 500 FPS), particle temperature measurement, and radiation measurement at arbitrary wavelengths. We have been employing these diagnostic techniques in the challenging environments of pilot-scale coal combustion flames.


We have been developing instrumentation and analysis techniques to track particles in turbulent combustion flames, enabling the generation of planar velocity maps. Methods include particle imaging velocimetry, particle tracking velocimetry, particle shadow velocimetry, and optical flow velocimetry. Depending on the method used, the planar velocity maps obtained by these techniques can be in the form of regular matrices or of scattered data points. These methods were initially applied to bench-scale gas and coal burners, and we have successfully transitioned these methods to larger scale coal combustion flames, such as the 100 kW oxyfuel combustor. In addition, we have the ability to extend these techniques to 3D.

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High-speed imaging

ICSE has two high-speed cameras: a Photron Fastcam APX-RS high-speed visible camera with a framerate of up to 200,000 frames per second (FPS) and a FLIR SC6703 high-speed mid-wave infrared camera with a 3-5 micron wavelength range and a maximum frame rate of ~1000 FPS. The images acquired by these cameras can provide information on flame stability, flame temperature, heat flux and flame structure. Visible and infrared imaging can also be coupled with particle sizing techniques. By applying optical filters, emissivity and soot volume fraction can be estimated. These methods have been successfully applied to lab-scale and pilot-scale flames.

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The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.