A Market Assessment of Oil Shale and Oil Sands Development Scenarios in Utah’s Uinta Basin

The Clean & Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources Program has completed a study that seeks to assess significant impediments to and impacts of development of U.S. oil shale and oil sands resources. It focuses on three specific questions within the context of potential development in the Uinta Basin of eastern Utah:

  • What positive and negative externalities and non-market costs are associated with development of these resources and how does the perception of these costs impact development?
  • What is the per barrel cost of oil produced from four oil shale and oil sands development scenarios?
  • What are the broad regional impacts that may result as side effects if the scenarios are realized?

The study was completed by a team of researchers in the Institute for Clean & Secure Energy at the University of Utah with additional help from local and regional scientists, engineers, and economists.

Copy of Report

An interactive copy of the report can be downloaded here. The interactive version can be viewed online with Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It can also be downloaded and viewed with Acrobat. With the interactive version, click on an item in the Table of Contents to be taken directly to that page. To return to the Table of Contents from anywhere in the report, click “Back to Table of Contents” at the bottom of each page.

A non-interactive copy of the report can be downloaded here. This non-interactive version will display correctly with web browsers other than Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It will also display correctly on mobile devices such as the iPad.

The models and inputs used to determine profitability for this assessment are available for download here.

The report is also available on a flash drive by contacting Jennifer Spinti (see below).

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