Allocation of 351,000,000 Processor Hours to ICSE Researchers

Congratulations to Martin Berzins and a team of researchers at ICSE (Todd Harman, Ben Isaac, John Schmidt, Sean Smith, and Jeremy Thornock) for being awarded an allocation of 351,000,000 processor hours divided between two machines: the IBM BlueGene/Q machine at Argonne National Laboratory and the Cray XK7 machine at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. These processor hours will be used to simulate and evaluate the design of cleaner, next-generation 1,000 megawatt (MW) Ultra Super-Critical (USC) coal boilers. The model for the study is Alstom’s “twin-fireball” furnace, which is stoked when coal and air are injected from a main windbox, and over-fire air (OFA) is injected above it. The project aim is to run four large-eddy simulation (LES) test cases with different OFA configurations to validate and further improve the boiler design. Preliminary indications suggest that these first-of-their-kind LES computations can provide greater accuracy in predicting temperature and velocity profiles in furnaces than steady-state computational fluid dynamics computations.” 



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The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.